Why Build a Data Warehouse

Last modified: August 07, 2019

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Why Build a Data Warehouse In Progress Overview

We work with hundreds of companies who are trying to get valuable insights out of their data. We see companies struggling to get insights out of their data lakes and want to show them a path forward.

Creating a Data Warehouse is a great way to get much more value out of your data. We hope to explain the many benefits of structuring and simplifying your data.

Outline + Learning Objectives

The problem with data in a Data Lake

  • Describe why Data Lake data can be challenging to use

Data in a Data Warehouse

  • Describe what data looks like in a Data Warehouse

Benefits of a Data Warehouse

  • Describe the different ways a Data Warehouse will impact an organization

Problem with Data Lake

  • Complicated Schema
  • Confusing Table and column names

Data in a Data Warehouse

  • Clear
  • Simple

Benefits of a Data Warehouse:

  • Easier to understand and query
  • Faster to work with
  • Approachable
  • Trusted, consistent source of answers

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