The Data School Library

Misrepresenting Data

There is so much data you have access to within a company. Communicating accurate insights from it is challenging. This book covers the mental biases and common mistakes that people make when analyzing data. It then provides guidance on how to prevent and avoid these costly errors.

SQL Optimization

Get exposed to the most common techniques for improving query speed and database performance. Learn how to optimize queries by modifying SQL. Understand how indexes work and when to apply them. Learn the basics of data modeling and how it impacts performance. Understand the optimization techniques available in modern data warehouses.

How to Design a Dashboard

Dashboards enable people to make decisions based on data. This book walks you through the process of defining, prototyping, building, and deploying a dashboard. The focus of the book is to help people make dashboards that get used to make decisions.

How to Teach People SQL

So you want your company to learn SQL? This book will help you empathize with people learning SQL for the first time. It focuses on the areas where most people get stuck or give up. The book then gives visuals and animations to help people build mental models of the abstract processes behind SQL queries.

Learn SQL

An interactive SQL Tutorial by example! Quickly pick learn how to access data via SQL and aggregate it to find useful insights.