Acknowledgments & Contributions

Last modified: August 09, 2021 • Reading Time: 4 minutes

This book has been a large effort by a number of people and continues to evolve with community involvement. We aim to keep this book always “Modern” with updates, contributions, reviews easily submitted via email or committed through Github - where the source for this whole site is kept.

Thank you’s

I want to give a special thanks to Matt David, the Head of the Data School for working on the start of this for so many hours with me. He has project managed, refined ideas and written the majority of this book and continually recruits community involvement. His passion for educating the masses on data is truly inspirational, and a joy to work with.

I also want to thank Tim Miller, who wrote many chapters here and worked many stressful hours on content with me. Thank you Tim for your constant drive and passion for both learning and educating.

Also I’d like to thank the rest of the Chartio Data Advisor team, who each contributed a chapter and who daily take the learnings in this book directly to our customers.

Thank you Steven Lewis for your always excellent design and illustrations that honor this book and site. Thank you Eleanor Preston for helping me work through this framework on so many customer visits - and persistently waiting for us to get it published!

Thank you Kostas Paradalis of Blendo for your article on ETL vs ELT.

How to contribute

Our goal is to continually make this book better and kept modern. We would like to expand it, like a wiki, to cover more topics, go more in depth, share more real company examples, and be better reviewed and edited.

Few are complete “experts” in all of the areas of modern data governance, and the landscape is changing all of the time. If you have a story to share, or a chapter you think is missing, or a new idea - email us or create a pull request with the edits on our github repo.

Written by: Dave Fowler
Reviewed by: Matt David