Our Mission

At Chartio we describe our mission in four words which, not coincidentally, can be understood by both people and machines. Our mission is to:

JOIN people ON data

In other words, our aim is to enable anyone (not just data teams) to be able to explore, analyze and understand their data. Data brings the ability to measure and know things with precision and volume never before available. At Chartio we are incredibly excited by data’s enormous potential to improve the available knowledge, decision making and cognitive ability for all of humankind. The world has gotten really good at collecting data, and we feel the largest bottleneck in its potential is our ability to understand data and make informed decisions.

To us there are two main requirements necessary to accomplish our mission:

Build a powerful, flexible product for working with data that’s simple enough for anyone to use. Promote data literacy via prolific, relevant and useful education. There are two parts, because no matter how simple or intuitive of a product we make, there will always be more work to educate the world on interpreting and understanding data correctly. These two parts of our mission result in our two domains:

  • Chartio – Our self-service BI tool that is continuously ranked highest in all of the key product areas of usability, time to value and ROI.
  • ‍The Data School – Our free, open, online platform where we share original educational material about any and all things data related.