Metric vs Metrics

Last modified: July 29, 2019

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Metric vs Metrics In Progress Overview

We work with hundreds of companies who are trying to get valuable insights out of their data. We see companies using single metrics to measure success and those that use a suite of metrics to understand success.

We want to show how single metrics can be misleading for a business. Do they really capture what you are trying to measure? Then we want to cover how to combine metrics to work with each other. Lastly we want to walk through interpreting a dashboard that has multiple metrics.

Outline + Learning Objectives

The problem with a single metric

  • Describe why a single metric can be misleading

Create multiple metrics

  • Create a dashboard to view multiple metrics at once

Interpret multiple metrics

  • Analyze a dashboard containing multiple metrics for a nuanced view of the data

Check out our community story about using multiple metrics:

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