Allen Hillery

Adjunct Professor at Columbia University,
Contributor at Data School

Allen Hillery serves as part time faculty at Columbia University’s Applied Analytics program. He has extensive experience in developing and executing data analysis and integrating results into marketing programs and executive presentations. Allen is very passionate about data literacy and curates an article series that focuses on the importance of creating data narratives and spotlighting notable figures on how their use of storytelling made major impacts on society.

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Author of 3 chapters

Driving Actionable Insights Through Data Engagement

From Data Conversations

Learn how to drive actionable insights by using data engagement within your company.

Taking a DA Hub Approach to Solving Analytics Challenges

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The Data Analytics Hub details how they foster productive conversations about data within companies

Increase Ecommerce Sales with Metrics

From Avoid Misrepresenting Data

Learn why using a single metric prevents you from being able to increase ecommerce sales. See how to use multiple metrics to get more sales.

Reviewer of 4 chapters

Improving the Operational Art of Curbside Pickup and Other People-Based Processes

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Curbside pickup is a great example of a complex process retailers had to implement almost overnight.

Five Key Points to Consider When Executing A Tagging Implementation

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Understanding digital customers has become more important in our current climate with the pandemic forcing many businesses to accelerate their shift to digital and even considering an online only model.

Five Key Aspects Organizations Should Consider While Deploying An Analytics Stack

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Learn the Advantages and Disadvantages of having legacy on-premise BI tools vs cloud based tools.

Blockchain as a Platform for Data Governance 2.0

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Learn how Blockchain can be applied as a data governance platform