Andrew Dudley

Product Marketing at Chartio,
Reviewer at Data School

Andrew has spent the past decade in marketing and editorial roles at various San Francisco startups, and currently leads Product Marketing at Chartio.

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Dashboard Prototyping and Feedback

From How to Design a Dashboard

Learn techniques to prototype your dashboard and iterate. See examples of prototyped dashboards and download dashboard templates.


From How to Design a Dashboard

Dashboards help organizations make data driven decisions. Learn how to apply design thinking to creating useful dashboards.

What is a Dashboard?

From How to Design a Dashboard

Learn what dashboards are and why they are important to making decisions. Dashboards have a long history for supporting decision making.

What Makes a Great Dashboard (ACES)

From How to Design a Dashboard

Learn the best practices behind dashboard design to support decision making. Accuracy, Clarity, Empowerment, and being Succinct.