Josiah Faas

Contributor at Data School,
Contributor at Data School

Josiah is a data strategy, BI, and visualization consultant. He brings experience a a practitioner having served many high-profile clients spanning healthcare, banking, and IT. These experiences provide him a unique vantage point on execution, optimization, and user-centric design.

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Conditional Logic

From Learn SQL

Learn how to use CASE WHEN, IIF, and UNION with WHERE to apply conditional logic within a Postgres SQL query

Exclude a Column

From Learn SQL

Learn how to exclude a column in the SELECT statement of your query

Insert multiple rows

From Learn SQL

Insert multiple rows into a table in a single SQL query using Postgres

SQL Cheat Sheet

From Learn SQL

Reference common commands and operators that are often forgotten

What is the difference between UNION and UNION ALL

From Learn SQL

UNION ALL keeps all of the records from each of the original data sets, UNION removes any duplicate records.

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