Understanding your Marketo Schema

This tutorial provides an overview of the Marketo schema using Stitch’s Marketo integration. A full summary of each schema attribute is provided to enable you to better understand and use Marketo effectively for your marketing analytics. A schema is a collection of objects within a database, typically consisting of tables (defined below) and the relationships between those tables.

Schemas and naming conventions can change from version to version, so be sure to verify your integration version. The schema and info displayed below is for version 2.0 of this integration.

Note: The primary key in every table is denoted by 🔑. Some of the following tables contain nested data which may or may not be supported by your destination. More information on nested data can be found here. If you are interested in reading about other Stitch integrations, we have tutorials covering HubSpot schema, Salesforce schema, Intercom schema, Zendesk schema, and more

activities_[activity_type] Table

In the previous version of Stitch’s Marketo schema integration, the activities table contained all data pertaining to lead activities.

In this version, you can choose to replicate lead activity data for specific activity types. For every activity type in your Marketo account, you will see an activities_[activity_type] table. For example, activities_click_email contains lead activity for the click_email activity type.

🔑 marketoGuidThe ID of the activity
activityDateThe date of the activity
leadIdThe ID of the lead associated with the activity
activityTypeIdThe ID of the activity type
primary_attribute_value_idThe ID of the activity’s primary attribute
primary_attribute_nameThe name of the activity’s primary attribute
primary_attrubute_valueThe value of the activity’s primary attribute


activity_types Table

The activity_types table contains metadata about the activity types – form fill, web page visit, lead creation, and more.

🔑idThe activity type ID
nameThe name of the activity type
descriptionThe description of the activity type
primaryAttribute_nameThe name of the primary attribute
primaryAttribute_dataTypeThe data type of the primary attribute
attributesSecondary attributes of the activity type

(This is a nested table, and if your destination doesn’t support nested data, this may be denested into a subtable named activity_types_attributes)

🔑_sdc_source_key_idThe activity type ID
🔑_sdc_level_0_idThis column forms part of a composite key for the table
nameThe name of the secondary attribute
dataTypeThe data type of the secondary attribute


campaigns Table

The campaigns table contains information about the Smart campaigns in your Marketo account

🔑idThe ID of the campaign
updatedAtThe time the campaign was most recently updated
createdAtThe time the campaign was created
activeIndicates if the campaign is active. Applicable only to trigger campaigns
descriptionThe description of the Smart campaign
nameThe name of the Smart campaign
programIdThe ID of the parent program, if applicable
programNameThe name of the parent program, if applicable
typeThe type of Smart campaign. Possible values are batch and trigger
workspaceNameThe name of the parent workspace, if applicable


leads Table

The leads table contains information about your Marketo leads (now labeled in Marketo as Person)

🔑idThe ID of the lead
acquiredByIndicates if the lead was acquired by the parent program
isExhaustedIndicates if the lead is currently exhausted in the stream, if applicable
membershipDateThe date the lead first became a member of the program
nurtureCadenceCadence of the parent stream, if applicable
progressionStatusThe program status of the lead in the parent program
reachedSuccessIndicates in the lead is in a success-status in the parent program
reachedSuccessDateThe date the lead reached success in the parent program
streamThe stream that the lead is a member of, if the parent program is an engagement program


lists Table

The leads table contains information about the static lists in your Marketo account

🔑idThe ID of the list
updatedAtThe datetime when the list was most recently updated
nameThe name of the list
descriptionThe description of the list
programNameThe name of the program associated with the list
workspaceNameThe name of the parent workspace, if applicable
createdAtThe datetime the list was created


programs Table

The programs table contains information about your Marketo programs. Programs can be parents to most types of assets in Marketo and allow you to track membership and success of leads.

🔑idThe ID of the program
updatedAtThe time the asset was most recently updated
createdAtThe time the asset was created
descriptionThe description of the asset
nameThe name of the asset
urlThe URL of the asset in the Marketo UI`
typeThe type of program. Possible values include:
  • program
  • event
  • webinar
  • nurture

Note: Depending on your version of Marketo, these values may appear as default, event, engagement, and email.

channelThe channel of the program
statusThe status of the program. Possible values include:
  • locked
  • unlocked
  • on
  • off
workspaceThe name of the workspace
folder_typeThe type of the parent folder. Possible values are Folder or Program
folder_valueThe ID of the parent folder
folder_folderNameThe name of the parent folder



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