Marketing Qualified Leads

Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) are leads that are more likely to become a customer compared to other leads based on lead intelligence and lead behavior. To be a MQL, the visitor has to have demonstrated some form of interest in the website. Whether this is through filling out a form, placing an item in their cart, signing up for a newsletter, downloading content, signing up for a trial, or a number of other actions, in order to show that their interest is legitimate. A marketing qualified lead should not be confused with a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL), which is a later step in the marketing funnel. A marketing qualified lead is simply more likely to be a customer than other leads.

Marketing Funnel

Not all visitors to a website are actually leads. While most leads can be an MQL, it is the marketing team’s job to only pass on the most viable leads to the sales team. This is the role of the MQL; to make the sales teams job more efficient by narrowing down the number of leads they must vet. It’s important to look at the lead to MQL conversion rate to check on effectiveness of your marketing efforts. The better that the marketing qualified leads at the top are, the more efficient the funnel will be. This will ensure the sales team is delivered high-quality leads. Then they can improve their productivity, while Sales and Marketing remain aligned in their goals.
Marketing Qualified Leads

Marketing Qualified Leads as Metrics

Sales qualified leads are also an important metric to be tracked by CMO’s. They show leads can be followed up on efficiently by the marketing team. While there are many possible ways to track this metric, Chartio is one such way. For more information about this and how to track MQLs, take a look at this tutorial.

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