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Cloud Data Management

Written by: Dave Fowler, Matt David, Tim Miller, Tracy Chow, Jaime Flores-Lovo, Aaron Aihini, Kostas Pardalis
Reviewed by: Twange Kasoma

Learn how to manage your data stack and set up processes to get the most out of your data in your organization. We will cover best practices for when you are still querying production all the way up to setting up data marts for different business lines in your organization.

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    Stage 3 - Warehouse

  • Why Build a Data Warehouse 

    Data inside of Data Lakes is challenging to work with, because it is messy and not optimized for ad hoc querying. Data in a Data Warehouse is clean, simple, and easy to use.

  • Data Warehouse Architecture 

    Learn why you should build a Single Source of Truth in your Data Warehouse. Overcome common obstacles and empower your colleagues

  • Data Warehouse Security 

    Learn how to secure sensitive data on your database and BI platform.

  • Data Warehouse Implementation 

    Learn how to setup a Data Warehouse. Model and transform data to make it easy to analyze.

  • Defining a Data Governor 

    Data Governors maintain the database so that is remains valuable to an organization. This involves security, education, and modeling.

  • Data Warehouse Maintenance 

    Learn the best practices to maintain a Data Warehouse. Learn how to add new data, remove deprecated data, and optimize for performance..


  • Evaluating Data Stack Technologies 

    Learn the various functions a Data Stack needs to perform in order to select the correct data tools to take raw data and turn it into insight.

  • ETL vs ELT 

    Learn why you should use an ELT over a ETL process for your Data Lake

  • Doing more with your Data Mart 

    Learn why you should use a tool like census to push your data back to your data sources

  • Acknowledgments & Contributions 

    This is a community driven book - with contributions from many different people and organizations. Help keep it relevant and continually improving.