B2C Marketing Analytics for Beginners

Tracking Social Media Marketing Metrics in Twitter

As one of the top social media networks, Twitter allows marketers the opportunity to send their messages to millions of potential customers. While it’s simpler than other social media networks we’ve discussed, it can still be a valuable channel for your organization. This lesson will go over the primary metrics for Twitter on organic tweets and paid ads.

Organic Tweets

You can find high level metrics on your network directly on the top of your profile homepage. Here you can see your account’s number of followers and likes.

Twitter Profile Metrics


Additionally, you’ll want to measure the performance of each of your tweets.

Reach Metrics

Impressions is the main reach metric for organic tweets. To find this metric on the tweet you’re interested in, click on “View Tweet Activity” at the bottom of the tweet.

Engagement Metrics

Replies, retweets and likes are the principle engagement metrics on organic Twitter posts. You can see these directly on the tweet itself at the bottom.

Impact Metrics

As with the other social media platforms, the only way to see impact of your organic marketing on your site metrics is to use a separate analytics tool.

Paid Ads

Just as on Adwords and Facebook, Twitter organizes ads into ad groups and campaigns. You can view performance at any of the three levels through the Ads Manager platform.

Reach Metrics

Impressions is the primary reach metric on Twitter. You can find it in the Summary metrics drop down. You can also see qualified impressions (impressions that are 100% in view) by adding the metric using the Customize Metrics functionality.

Engagement Metrics

Depending on your type of ad, users can have different types of engagements with it. The metrics available are clicks, media engagements, retweets, replies, follows and votes. You can measure performance of these metrics by selecting “Tweet engagements” on the metrics drop down.

Impact Metrics

Similar to other paid advertising platforms, to view impact metrics on Twitter itself you have to have set up website tracking for Twitter. If you have, then you can see the metrics through the Website Conversions metrics drop down. Otherwise, you can see these metrics through your analytics tool.


As with all social media channels, it’s important to build strategies for organic and paid marketing on Twitter and to monitor the performance of those strategies.