B2C Marketing Analytics for Beginners

Tracking Paid Search Metrics in Adwords and Google Analytics

In this lesson, we’ll go over how to track the metrics that are specific to paid search on Google Adwords.

Relevance Metrics

Quality Score

Quality score is measured at a keyword level. To find it follow these steps:

  • In Adwords, navigate to Keywords on the left menu
  • Hover over the status field for any keyword – you’ll see the quality score there
  • You should see generally that the higher the quality score, the higher the click-through rate (CTR)

Click-Through Rate

You just saw where you can see click-through rate (CTR) at the keyword level. But to get to CTR at the ad, ad group and campaign levels, simply navigate to those levels along Adwords.

Notice that sometimes instead of CTR you see “interaction rate”. This is because other Adword campaign types (like YouTube ads) have more interactions you can take with an ad (like view the video). Clicking is the only interaction you can have with a search ad, so interaction rate is equivalent to CTR on paid search campaigns.

Impact Metrics

Impact metrics refer to the metrics of actions that happen on your site, after the user has seen the marketing message. These address the question: what is the real impact the marketing had on your business? These metrics include traffic, conversions, revenue, ROI, etc…

To see impact metrics in Adwords, you need to set up conversion tracking on your Adwords account. Read more about conversion tracking here. Once that is set up, you can see the relevant metrics everywhere you find CTR.

Alternately, you can use your third party analytics tool to see the impact metrics. You can refer back to the lesson on measuring campaign performance in Google Analytics for a general way of measuring campaign performance. You can link your Adwords account to your Google Analytics account for a deeper look into Adwords campaign performance directly in GA. More information on linking these accounts here.


This lesson described where to track the metrics that are specific to paid search on Adwords.