Our Contributors

Matthew Layne

Matthew is a student at Virginia Tech who is majoring in Computer Science. He is excited to use his technical skills in order to help further knowledge in the field of data analytics and Computer Science.

Blake Barnhill

Blake is an undergraduate in Computer Science at Virginia Tech with a passion for teaching others the intricacies of computer coding and analytical thinking. As a lover of all things math, he is very interested in the data analytics world. Blake is working on the Data School @ Chartio initiative.

Katerina Bicakci

I first learned about data analytic about 5 years ago and I have been hooked ever since. While completing numerous data related courses I saw the applications of data science to drive human behavior. As a consultant to an educational platform, such as Udacity, I have been utilizing my specialized knowledge in the fields of programming, data and predictive analytics for the last 4 years.

Drew Banin

Drew is a co-founder at Fishtown Analytics and an open source maintainer of dbt (data build tool). He's built event collection systems that scaled to billions of events per month, implemented Markov-based marketing attribution models on millions of dollars of marketing spend, and dreams in NetworkX graphs.

Patrick Gibson

Current Virginia Tech student majoring in Computer Modeling and Data Analytics (CMDA). Analytical individual looking to use skills I have developed to problem solve in today's world. Throughout my undergraduate education, I have learned extensively about the numerous applications data analytics offer toward optimizing the processes of the ever changing technology industry.

Rebecca Barnes

Rebecca is a Business Analysis Manager and has spent 15 years working in social services, where she helps her colleagues understand and apply data insights to improve business decisions and service delivery. She loves taking complex concepts data and statistics concepts and turning them into something that is accessible and easy to understand!

Dave Fowler

Dave Fowler learned to code at a young age. In school he studied Physics, two other undergrads and finished with a masters degree in Electrical Engineering. During and after school Dave did 2 years at IBM where he worked on the processor for the Xbox 360 and filed 10 patents. He was listed in Forbes' 30 under 30 in Technology in 2011 and 2012. In 2010 he founded Chartio with the mission to JOIN people ON data, ensuring that anyone (not just data analyst) can explore and understand their data. Now profitable, Chartio serves over 800 customers and continually wins user review awards for the most usable and best implementation of any BI product on the market.

Matt David

Matt has over 7 years industry experience using data and currently the Editor of the Data School @ Chartio. Previously he worked at Udacity as Product Lead for the School of Data Science. Data has become a prerequisite skill set for more and more non-data jobs and he is passionate about making data concepts more easily understood to increase data literacy for everybody.

Tim Miller

Tim is a Senior Data Advisor at Chartio and brings 10+ years of Data Analysis background as well as years of experience in instruction methods and hands-on instruction to Chartio's Data School.